5 Parts of the Perfect Playdate

Too hot to play outside? Too cold? Too Rainy? An Indoor Play Place might be a great option! Parents know that play dates can’t always happen at a park or someone’s home.  Why not take the party to an indoor play center and let everyone have a chance to ‘play’.

Who says that a great learning adventure can’t happen under a roof? An extremely child-friendly atmosphere welcomes children of all ages and their parents to come and enjoy activities that spark motor skills and development. A safe, clean, and fun environment for children makes the perfect playdate!


  1. Stress-Free Safety

Indoor play centers provide a safe environment to allow children to play endlessly and explore on their own. The enclosed, fully viewable area puts parents at ease as it establishes a safe-zone for children and avoids the ability to dangerously wander off. Other security measures are also taken into account at most venues to ensure each child is properly accounted for prior to exiting the building.

  1. A Clean Place to Climb

Antimicrobial carpets and soft plush toys make these kids play places quite sanitary and easily maintainable by the cleaning staff. Even the inevitable spills and messes can still be cleaned up quickly to allow everyone an enjoyable area to play. Hourly sanitization and nightly deep cleaning of the facility provides a fresh atmosphere for everyone on a continuous basis. Outside footwear provisions allow a worry-free area for crawling infants.

  1. Adventures for All

You don’t have to go to a park to face the challenge of a climbing wall or inch up a rope. Children’s indoor play places offer plenty of adventurous toys! There is a wide variety of active toys for children of all ages to expend their energy and increase motor skills. Even the older brothers and sisters can enjoy themselves on some of the more advanced challenges. They can even partake in various alternatives offered at most play centers such as video games, movies on the big screen, and free Wi-Fi.

  1. Pease for Parents

Moms and Dads can enjoy themselves with a cup of java and some news at play centers that offer coffee shops and big screen TVs. A parent area is a great area for the adults to gather and catch up on some ‘grown up’ conversations or even tend to infants. Working moms and dads might even be able to catch up on a few emails with the free Wi-Fi access and working tables offered at various play parks.

  1. Healthy Eats to Energize

No need to worry about packing lunch or snacks! Indoor play centers usually have a snack bar or restaurant offering various healthy options. Whether you need Gluten-free, nut-free, or sugar-free most play parks provide something for everyone. Food readily available makes the play center that much more convenient for parents to host a play date on the spot. It also allows the children some time to recharge and keep on playing!

Indoor play areas are definitely an upcoming venue being offered in many cities across the U.S. Offering endless activities for children and many conveniences for adults they are becoming a popular establishment for consistent meet-ups, parties, and events. We all enjoy the great outdoors and welcome the fresh air; however indoor play centers can be a great alternative with similar benefits.

Give your child all the parts of a perfect playdate with a trip to Kid Junction. With a variety of attractions that are sure to both educate and entertain, your child will love exploring the expansive indoor playplace. Take a trip to Kid Junction today, and get started stimulating your child’s creativity and imagination.

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