5 Ways Fun Can Make Your Child a Better Student

Parents and teachers often underestimate the importance of playtime in a child’s education. While lessons in the classroom and study time at home are obviously very important, there are simply some lessons that children can only learn on the playground with their peers. Here are just a few reasons why playing on outdoor or indoor playgrounds can help make children better students.

  1. Better Behavior

Children have a lot of energy, and that can make it difficult for them to sit still and pay attention for too long. A five-year-old may not be able to focus on one task for longer than 15 minutes at a time, while older children may need a break after 30 minutes. Breaking up study sessions with some unstructured play can help them get rid of their energy. After they get the chance to blow off some steam either on a playground or an indoor play center, they will be able to better concentrate on their studies. This is the biggest reason why schools have always had recess, and it should most definitely be incorporated into home study periods.

  1. A Chance to Socialize

Learning to socialize with one’s peers is an important skill, but it is one that cannot be taught in the classroom. On the other hand, unstructured playtime will provide children with the perfect opportunity to get to know their classmates and learn how to behave around them. They will learn to be aware of other people’s feelings and how to regulate their own emotions. In short, it teaches them how to be a part of a community, even if they are just making up their own games.

  1. Encouraging Imaginative Play

Children have wild imaginations, and unstructured playtime at kids’ play places can give them the chance to express their most imaginative ideas. When left to their own devices, kids will make up their own games or come up with some surprisingly intricate stories. This imaginative play is how children learn about the world around them, and as they get older what they learn on the playground will turn them into better students.

  1. Staying in Shape

Children need to stay active as they grow, and spending time on a playground will help them do exactly that. It is recommended that children over the age of two years old engage in an hour of enjoyable physical activity every day. This will help develop healthier habits as they grow older and help them focus on their school work.

  1. It’s Fun

No matter how old they are, people are always more susceptible to learning new things when they’re happy. Even doing something as simple as letting a child play for an hour on an indoor playground will let them have fun and keep them happy. You may not think they’re learning anything important, but they are having fun, and that can make all the difference in the world. When playtime is over and it’s time for school, your child will be more focused and willing to learn more “important” lessons in the classroom.

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