5 Ways Play Just May Help Your Child Become a Leader

While playing is often a word adults use when referring to ‘fun’ time for kids, playtime is essential for developing a wide range of leadership skills. The great thing about playtime is that the skills gained while playing are ones that kids will figure out on their own, with only minimal adult interjection. When you take the kids to an indoor play center – they need little to no instruction, and will simply figure it out themselves. Below are just a few leadership skills kids will develop while they play.


  1. Communication Skills

You can start scheduling play dates for kids before they can start walking or talking. Regardless of their age, playing with other children their age teaches kids how to improve their communication skills. Even if kids have siblings who are around the same age, learning to communicate with friends at school – or even someone they just met on the park or at the indoor playground is invaluable.

  1. Thinking Outside the Box

A sign of a great leader, is someone who can think beyond what is right in front of them. While an indoor play center certainly has play areas that allow kids to slide, climb and bounce – they also encourage imagination. Leaders must also possess the ability to see what is not there, and to create and inspire their team to make the impossible possible. Without second thought kids create their own games, and turn their indoor play area into a fortress or even another planet.

  1. Embracing Spontaneity

When playing with others, kids learn to embrace spontaneity – and adapt to change. Even when playing a game like tag that has rules, kids are more open to creating new variations of their favorite games. Since leaders need to be able to adapt, and to embrace the ever-changing world of business – this is an invaluable skill for kids. In other words, playing is a fun way to learn decision-making and problem-solving skills.

  1. How to Meet New People

If you have ever sat and watched young kids at play, you will see that they possess an uncanny ability to instantly make new friends. While this ability sometimes fades as we grow into our teenage and adult years, leaders will maintain their ability to approach others with confidence. This will serve them well when networking, when interviewing and when engaging with clients.

  1. How to Preserver

When at play, kids just keep going. They fall down, and even if they cry for a bit, they get right back up and keep going. If they try to climb up a tall playground toy, but don’t have the coordination yet, they keep trying—even if it takes another year or two until they have the strength and coordination required to make it all the way to the top. Not only that, but they cheer on their friends as they accomplish new feats when at play.

Next time you are tempted to blow off a play date or trip to the playground, keep in mind that you are providing your kids with much more than a place to burn off energy—but also an opportunity to develop life-long leadership skills. Give your son or daughter a chance to grow with a trip to the endless fun and excitement of the indoor playground at Kid Junction. With so much to see, do and explore, your children will be entertained for hours on end, all while learning some of life’s most valuable leadership skills. Take a trip to Kid Junction today, and let us help you unlock your child’s true potential.

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