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The Power of Play: How It Can Benefit Your Children

You are probably fully aware of how much your kids enjoy playtime, but did you know that play actually benefits them in a variety of ways? Whether they play alone or with others, this general activity teaches your children an array of invaluable life lessons. From exploring how to effectively interact with other kids to integrating school subjects with fun, playtime can help your children to grow in ways that you may not have realized. Playing Well With Others One of the top lessons that children Read more [...]

5 Parts of the Perfect Playdate

Too hot to play outside? Too cold? Too Rainy? An Indoor Play Place might be a great option! Parents know that play dates can’t always happen at a park or someone’s home.  Why not take the party to an indoor play center and let everyone have a chance to ‘play’. Who says that a great learning adventure can't happen under a roof? An extremely child-friendly atmosphere welcomes children of all ages and their parents to come and enjoy activities that spark motor skills and development. A safe, Read more [...]

5 Ways Play Just May Help Your Child Become a Leader

While playing is often a word adults use when referring to ‘fun’ time for kids, playtime is essential for developing a wide range of leadership skills. The great thing about playtime is that the skills gained while playing are ones that kids will figure out on their own, with only minimal adult interjection. When you take the kids to an indoor play center – they need little to no instruction, and will simply figure it out themselves. Below are just a few leadership skills kids will develop Read more [...]

5 Ways Fun Can Make Your Child a Better Student

Parents and teachers often underestimate the importance of playtime in a child's education. While lessons in the classroom and study time at home are obviously very important, there are simply some lessons that children can only learn on the playground with their peers. Here are just a few reasons why playing on outdoor or indoor playgrounds can help make children better students. Better Behavior Children have a lot of energy, and that can make it difficult for them to sit still and pay attention Read more [...]

Top 7 Ways to Keep the Kiddos Entertained This Summer – Video

Summer is in session, and before you know it the little ones in your life will be looking for ways to keep busy and pass by the boredom. With many young children growing accustomed to the daily routines established by early education programs or elementary schools, many kids aren’t prepared to handle the dull moments of the summer months. Luckily for you, keeping your child entertained doesn’t have to be such a chore, and before long you and your child will be transforming even the dullest Read more [...]

Constructive Play: Much More than a Break From Learning – White Paper

As with any generation, our children are born into a much different world than the one we grew up in. One of the biggest differences is our children’s ever-growing access to technology. There isn’t much a parent can do to help our children avoid the almost constant access to television, video games, smartphones, and other electronic devices. However, the hypnotic allure provided by these technologies may just be what is holding your child’s development back. While some parents feel that Read more [...]

Dive Into 8 Great Pool Time Tips

Nothing beats diving right into the water of your local pool for the ultimate in summertime refreshment. While your kids are sure to be anxious to jump right in, it’s important that you know just how to stay safe while you swim. While some parents may see as a trip to the pool as a particularly stressful occasion, it doesn’t take much at all to help you and your little ones enjoy all that the water has to offer while staying safe in the process. With a little extra knowledge, you’ll be soaking Read more [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Play With Your Child

Children need structure in order to develop self-discipline and to feel secure, but they also need playtime just as much. Play unlocks a variety of life, from learning how to interact with others appropriately to exploring how to alleviate stress in a positive way. If you’re unsure about whether you should schedule regular playtime with your child, you may wish to consider a few of the top benefits of playing with your children. Play Can Stimulate the Imagination Playtime gives a child the Read more [...]

Keeping Your Kids Healthy & Happy

Helping your kids stay healthy is likely a big concern of yours as a parent. But perhaps you're in a rut with how you encourage activity in your children. Here are some new ways to inspire healthy and active pastimes year round. Take the Lead Sometimes kids are more likely to get active when they see the adults in their lives doing the same. It can be tough to compete with all the electronic gadgets, such as video games, smartphones and tablets, that kids seem to be glued to these days. But Read more [...]

Stimulating Your Child’s Imagination

It is important to stimulate a child's imagination as early as possible to build the proper connections in the brain during the critical development stages. As a parent, it is also important to understand that the activities you allow your child to participate in, has a direct impact on their growth and development.  Many activities that occur during play time, which through repetition, stimulates both learning and thinking. Stimulating your child's imagination early as possible will also develop Read more [...]