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Franchise Candidate’s Personal Qualifications

  • Ability to follow Kid Junction Franchise Systems and Procedures
  • Highly Motivated, Energetic & Detail Oriented
  • Reasonable Managerial Ability/Potential
  • Family Friendly, Customer Service Oriented Personality
  • Strong Commitment to Safety, Service and Cleanliness


Financial Requirements

Prospective franchisees should be aware that Kid Junction’s substantial size requires a substantial investment. You should budget between $450,000 – $770,000 for the entire project. This includes the initial franchise fee of $35,000, plus all costs for store related equipment, build-out, training, grand opening and other related expenses. You should be liquid for at least 25% of the total investment, have the ability to access funding for the other 75% of the project costs, as well as have access to the recommended working capital to help get your business off the ground and into successful long-term operation.


Further detailed documentation of these costs and expenses is available upon request without cost or obligation.


Funding Assistance and Guidance

Kid Junction understands the challenges of securing proper financing, and we stand ready to help well-qualified candidates informatively assess and properly select the very best funding program for their particular needs, qualifications and current situation. While we do not provide financing directly, we do have the experience and resources to help qualified franchise prospects successfully secure all the financial resources required to create and operate a brand new Kid Junction franchise store.


With our experienced advice and guidance to help you thoroughly understand and navigate the often-challenging franchise financing process, you can feel confident about ultimately uncovering and selecting the very best funding source for obtaining a brand new, highly attractive Kid Junction of your very own.