The Ultimate Birthday Party Experience

An Incredibly Huge Indoor World of Non-Stop Fun and Imagination

Little children visiting Kid Junction for the very first time usually have the very same strong reaction – WOW! They simply can’t believe their eyes at all the amazing stuff before their wide-eyed wonderment – the biggest and most incredible world of indoor fun and imagination they’ve ever seen!!!


Parents love watching their kids enjoying hours of interactive play areas where they can fill their shopping cart in a well stocked grocery store, run their very own pizzeria, try their hand at being a veterinarian in our animal hospital, or get the mail out in our busy post office.


Whether it’s jumping on a ride or playing a game in our children’s arcade, exploring our massive climbing maze, sliding down the slides, trying on a colorful new costume for fantastic new adventures, or visiting our incredibly popular Kid Town stores, everything is designed for safety, socializing and imagination-fueled play.


Even the littlest ones can enjoy a special world of their own in our well-padded and safety-gated Toddler Town. There’s so much to do and enjoy, including exploring a special toddler-sized climbing maze, crawling through a giant caterpillar, and playing with lots of toys and games just right for their unique needs and interests.


Larger Facilities Means Bigger Revenue Potential

As they say, bigger is better. Our massive size is the key to our success. With 10,000 square feet or more to work with, Kid Junction has created a wondrous unmatched world of excitement and enchantment, where children can run, explore and play their day away. That’s what separates Kid Junction from everybody else.


The unfortunate reality is that many entertainment options for young children simply do not have enough room or specialized equipment to properly address children’s actual needs, desires and interests. They tend to be too small and cannot, by design, generate a substantial income, even when they are operating at near or full capacity.


One of the biggest financial problems these smaller operations face in is that they generally can offer only one birthday party room, and therefore cannot consistently meet the strong recurring demand for highly lucrative weekend birthday parties. Even when they stagger their parties running two at a time, they usually can only accept a fraction of the continuing requests for the most desirable dates and times. They typically max out at only seven parties a weekend, far less than their customers usually want and need.


The end result can often be less daily traffic, fewer repeat customers, having to turn away countless parties, and ultimately running the business as a modest-paying hobby (at best) instead of a real business with serious long-term, substantial profit potential.


Multiple Flexible Birthday Party Rooms for Every Party Need

With multiple colorful party rooms, Kid Junction franchisees can usually accommodate just about any party size request… even for parties as big as 150 kids and their parents! The birthday child is always treated like a king or queen, with a real throne at the head of the decorated table. Every child attending the party enjoys his or her own sturdy seat, a serving of our popular party pizza, a slice of birthday cake, and lots of great party fun.


We provide all food (including personalized birthday cakes) for all party attendees, and that means another great revenue stream for franchisees, as many parties order additional pizzas and other popular food items.


Our flexible party rooms can easily be adapted for larger parties in just minutes. With connecting doors between each room, it’s simple and easy to convert to whatever size is needed for each new party. That means saying “YES” to more requests, and enjoying bigger party revenues than most one-room party facilities could ever hope to achieve. Our unique party room design also means you can access the lucrative corporate market, accommodate special family occasions like graduation celebrations, bar or bat mitzvahs, little league championships, and so many other great revenue sources.


A Comprehensive Franchise Offering

Kid Junction offers an innovative opportunity with everything needed to create and operate your very own children’s entertainment center. Our comprehensive opportunity includes each important step and item in finding and building a great new Kid Junction franchise by aiding with site location and selection, store design, equipment and fixture purchasing, build-out, training, and even your Grand Opening celebration


Best of all, you can count on the committed, on-going help and hands-on assistance from Kid Junction’s experienced franchise support staff. We’re going to be with you through each new step of the franchise process, and you can feel confident that we will be there to help you create a brand new Kid Junction facility in a highly attractive location that everyone will be amazed by for many years to come.


Multiple Complementary Revenue Streams

Far too many independent entrepreneurs quickly fail because they lacked the ability to generate revenues from more than one or two sources. Such limitations can cripple a new business’s ability to survive and grow. To achieve lasting long-term business success, it is always best to have multiple revenue streams that truly complement one another within our innovative concept, in order to maximize earnings and take full advantage of new products, services and marketing opportunities.


Continually Renewing Marketplace

The United States continues to experience dramatic increases in our population base. In fact, we are the only major developed country currently having an on-going baby boom! That means the market for your new Kid Junction family franchise is expected to remain strong and constantly expanding for many years to come. As young children grow, we continue to welcome their new brothers and sisters, as well their new neighbors.


With each new visitor, the positive and highly valuable word of mouth referrals keep spreading to new moms and dads throughout your area – the best place to go for affordable family fun is Kid Junction!


Store Location & Design Assistance

It is very important that each new Kid Junction is located in a highly attractive area with great demographics. Therefore, we stand ready to help you uncover and secure a proper store site with affordable lease terms and suitable parking availability. Because we are a true destination location, driving substantial traffic – consisting of much sought after young families – into locations they might not otherwise ever visit, most landlords should quickly realize the tremendous advantages of having such a desirable long-term tenant. This puts you in a much stronger position when it comes time for lease negotiations and extensions.


Once your preferred location is approved, finalized and secured, we will also help properly design your stores around the physical realities of your new location. We will also help you find the best deals on equipment and fixtures to help build out your new location in the quickest, most cost effective manner. It is our goal to help you save money wherever possible, make the build-out process smooth and manageable, and get you into business as soon and as easily as possible.


Quick Build Out & Easy Start Up

Kid Junctions are typically much easier to create and construct than many other franchise opportunities. With surprisingly limited inventory requirements, simpler operating systems and easy to follow procedures, Kid Junction makes building and managing your new franchise location so much easier and cost effective.


It generally takes only a few quick months to go from final store design to opening your doors for business. Once built, there are minimal on-going inventory requirements, helping to keep your overhead manageable as you concentrate on building your new business into a thriving long-term operation.


Remember, once built, you are basically selling time in the form of daily admissions, complemented by highly lucrative birthday parties. With limited staffing and inventory requirements, it’s a fairly simple business to manage and operate. That means you have less stress, less demands on your time, more time to focus on growing your new business, and more time to spend with your family. For those who love working with families, Kid Junction can be a very pleasant and rewarding business to own and operate.


Proven Systems & Procedures – Hands On, Detail-Oriented Training

While many choose to try their hand at independent operation, most independent entrepreneurs soon find themselves facing critical problems and issues that can quickly doom their business to early failure. Without proven systems, proper operating procedures, and experienced on-going support, even basic challenges can rapidly prove lethal to vulnerable new businesses.


We’ve thought it all out. We’ve encountered all the problems and found the right solution to each. We’ve uncovered new marketing and revenue opportunities. We’ve solved the biggest challenges. We’ve addressed our recurring needs. Best of all, we’ve written it all down in our comprehensive Operations Manual and are ready to share all we’ve learned and experienced with each new franchisee.


This means you won’t have to make the same mistakes, experience the same potentially disastrous challenges, find cost effective solutions or seek out professional assistance in order to survive. As part of our comprehensive program, we’re fully prepared to carefully educate you on the right way to run your store and help you overcome each new challenge, so you have the very best chance at long-term successful operation.


Substantial Protected Territories

We understand how important it is for Kid Junction stores to develop an inviting, positive, personal on-going relationship with its customers. We also realize that, as a destination location, proper demographics are much more important than high visibility store sites. That’s why we focus on more affordable office park-type locations with great demographics and significantly lower rents than typical strip mall-type facilities. We also ensure that there will be enough room between stores with a minimum of 15 miles separating each location (except in urban markets with huge population bases).


Your protected territory will be legally ensured throughout your franchise involvement so you can confidently grow your business through great relations with new and repeating store visitors, targeted marketing campaigns and a growing well-earned reputation for being the cleanest, safest, most hospitable, and always enjoyable children’s entertainment center in your area.


Attractive Profit Margins & Continued Growth Potential

Once built, there are surprisingly little on-going costs beyond normal overhead (which includes rent, gas and electric, insurance, surprisingly low payroll (as parents are required to watch their own children), advertising, minimal inventory requirements, etc…). With many of our birthday parties currently going for well over $500, and an affordable $10 daily admission per child, the profit margins for this unique franchise opportunity can be very attractive.


In addition, with each delighted new visitor, the word can quickly spread throughout your area that Kid Junction is a “must visit” experience and that means you can keep your advertising costs under control and manageable.


Our best advocates are unquestionably the many happy moms who tell other moms just how much they love the way their child is treated, the safety and overall cleanliness of the facility, and what a great time they always have whenever they visit a Kid Junction location. That means with each new family moving into the area and each new child born into an existing area family, the potential for new regular visitors grows and grows.


With our experienced advice and guidance to help you thoroughly understand and navigate the often-challenging franchise financing process, you can feel confident about ultimately uncovering and selecting the very best funding source for obtaining a brand new, highly attractive Kid Junction of your very own.


Is Kid Junction Right For You?

The very fact that you have read this page tells us several important things about you:

  • You are truly serious about investigating business ownership options and learning more about Kid Junction franchise opportunity details and requirements.
  • You recognize the vast and largely untapped potential of the booming children’s entertainment industry, and are comfortable working with children and parents.
  • You are familiar with franchising’s many powerful competitive advantages.
  • You want a unique, well thought out, and comprehensive franchise opportunity.
  • You believe that a serious business should have serious earnings potential.


In the end, the best way to determine if our innovative ground-floor opportunity is really right for you and your area is to gather all the facts by visiting and inspecting existing facilities, where you can get answers to your important questions, meet the principles involved, understand their incredible passion for the business, learn more about their dedicated commitment to on-going support, and then perform your due diligence by thoroughly reviewing required disclosure documents that we will gladly provide free of charge.


In order to make the best possible decision about your future as a Kid Junction franchisee, you will ultimately need to be able to form a strong mental picture of what the business truly is, how it operates, your role as a new franchisee, and, perhaps most importantly, if you can truly see yourself being happy in long-term franchise operation.


We stand ready to help provide all necessary and allowable information so that you can feel comfortable and confident in making a positive decision about becoming our newest franchisee, proudly owning and operating a brand new franchise facility in a highly attractive, fully protected location in your area.