The Importance of Promoting Physical Activity for Your Child

Although getting outside for exercise is a piece of cake in the summer, it’s not so easy when winter hits, or it’s rainy and cold outside. This doesn’t mean your kids can forgo physical fitness. In fact, it’s important to keep them active every single day. You may just have to get creative!

Why Kids’ Health Depends on Physical Activity

Children of all ages should be getting at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day, according to the American Heart Association. This doesn’t mean you have to sign them up for a gym membership. Rather, physical activity in its many forms is quite acceptable. This can include anything from walks and jogs to after-school sports and dance classes. Simply playing in the yard with friends qualifies, because they’re getting their hearts pumping. By staying active and off the couch, your children can control their weight, lower their blood pressure, increase their good cholesterol, boost their self-confidence, and cut their risk of diabetes, continues the AHA. KidsHealth says that in addition to all those benefits, those who take part in physical activity regularly can even improve the strength of their muscles and bones, get a higher quality sleep at night, and develop a better, more positive outlook on their lives.

How do you Promote Physical Activity?

As a parent, you may feel at a loss sometimes as to how to get your children excited about physical activity. Sure, the warmer months present easy opportunities for play: going outside to play basketball, jump rope in the driveway or splash around in the pool are all great ways to get fit. However, what do you do when it’s rainy out, or winter brings a foot of snow? This is when you have to get inventive. When the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor play, head to an indoor playground so they can get moving. This will promote not only their physical health but their mental health as well. Many of these playgrounds offer challenges and problem-solving skills that will help your child do more than just play. If you can’t get out of the house, bring the playground to them with a homemade obstacle course. Turn up the stereo and jump around to the music or have them work out alongside you with your fitness video.

Be a Motivator

A big part of encouraging exercise in your kids is to lead by example. If they see you leading the charge, they will get excited about taking a nature walk, playing a game of kickball, taking a family walk after dinner and going on a family field trip. Tackle physical fitness as a family and make it a challenge, suggests the CDC. Engage each other in a competitive game of four square to see who can win the family championship, for example.

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