Keeping Your Child Entertained Over Winter Break

Winter break is coming soon, and your children are likely to be counting down the days until they can sleep in on the weekdays too. While the excitement of both the holidays and winter break will power you kids through the first few days, boredom can quickly settle in. To keep boredom at bay, and keep your kids physically and mentally entertained—consider the tips below.

Schedule Family Activities

The holiday season is a busy time of year, but don’t forget the importance of scheduling in family activities during winter break. These activities are not only essential for keeping your kids entertained, but in creating lasting memories. A few fun family activities to consider are:

  • Game night—you can even invite neighbors and other friends
  • Baking and decorating holiday cookies
  • Doing holiday or year-round arts and crafts
  • Go visit a local tourist spot
  • Drive around to view Christmas lights and holiday displays
  • Volunteer for a local charity
  • Take a day trip to a nearby city

Head to An Indoor Playground To Play

Kids have plenty of pent up energy, and even if they would prefer to spend half the day in bed, and the other half playing video games, or on the computer—physical activity is a must. Since it is likely to be too cold out to play with friends for too long, grab a group of kids and head to an indoor playground. There they will be able to socialize with their friends, make new friends, and play without the restriction of bulky winter hats and coats.

Find A Few Fun Learning Tools

There are many ways to keep your child engaged while still allowing them the freedom and fun they desire during their winter break. A good way to do this is to find a few fun learning tools—many of which are available in electronic options that allow your child to learn while playing online. To manage time spent on electronics, look for apps and devices that allow you to control how much time your children can spend playing electronic games, reading e-books, or on social media. A few fun learning tools are:

  • Educational app
  • Electronic learning games
  • Print or electronic books
  • Arts and crafts
  • Putting together a flat or vertical puzzle
  • Singing or playing a musical instrument
  • Kits designed for fun learning—science, jewelry making, or age appropriate building games

The tips above provide you with several ways to keep your children entertained this winter break with activities they will look forward to. Keep your child’s mind and body active with a trip to Kid Junction, the top indoor playground in Chantilly, VA. At Kid Junction, children are free to safely explore and play in a variety of different play areas made to entertain any child. Take the boredom out of your child’s  winter break, take a trip to Kid Junction!

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