Keeping Your Kids Healthy & Happy

Helping your kids stay healthy is likely a big concern of yours as a parent. But perhaps you’re in a rut with how you encourage activity in your children. Here are some new ways to inspire healthy and active pastimes year round.

Take the Lead

Sometimes kids are more likely to get active when they see the adults in their lives doing the same. It can be tough to compete with all the electronic gadgets, such as video games, smartphones and tablets, that kids seem to be glued to these days. But if you make it fun, especially for the little ones, you’ll be met with greater success. Go with their individual strengths and give them some options for activities. For balancing activities, try gymnastics, a trip to the playground, skipping, dancing, climbing or a bike ride, advises the Raising Children Network. To improve hand-eye coordination, try Frisbee, bowling, tennis, golf or baseball. Take on a leadership role and take your kids on a nature walk in your neighborhood. Collect interesting specimens to take home and examine or make crafts out of, such as pinecones and leaves. When the weather isn’t as nice, stay indoors and have a dance party, set up an obstacle course or hold an exercise session complete with jumping jacks and karate kicks.

Indoor Playgrounds

To boost learning as well as developmental and social play, check out an indoor playground. Interactive play areas with kids’ play centers help kids learn how to navigate mazes, troubleshoot problems, and explore imagination — all within a safe, supervised environment. With access to anything from manipulatives and age-appropriate activities to toys and games, your children can explore all the interactive areas complete with themes that appeal to all ages. Here, you’ll find theaters where your daughter can become the queen of the stage, or a grocery store where your son can pick up all the necessary weekly groceries and “pay” for them. The best part about children’s indoor play areas is that they have separate sections for all age levels, such as baby and toddler zones, preschool and kindergarten zones, and areas for bigger kids with more intense physical challenges such as climbing and obstacle courses.

Health Benefits

Every kid should get at least an hour of moderate to vigorous activity every day, says the American Heart Association. This doesn’t have to be anything expensive or organized. A simple pickup basketball game or neighborhood kickball game will do the trick — whatever gets their hearts pumping! Sure, after-school sports practices and dance classes count but so do walks and jogs around the block, tag in the yard and swimming in the family pool. By encouraging adequate physical activity in your kids, you’re doing your part as a parent to cut their risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, all while boosting their self-confidence. It’s proven that kids who get the activity they need daily are more prone to having stronger muscles and bones, getting more productive sleep and adopting a more positive outlook, points out KidsHealth.
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