Planning the Perfect Child’s Play Date

If you have children that are in elementary school, or younger—you may be searching for other children their age who you can schedule play dates with. The benefits of regular play dates are many, and will teach your child invaluable skills that they are not able to learn in group activities—or when playing with siblings.

Why Play Dates Are Important

Play dates are an excellent way to teach children how to develop their social and emotional skills. It teaches children how to learn how to share, how to communicate, and how to be considerate of their guest—or how to be a kind and considerate guest. They also learn how to compromise, and how to interact with another child who is not family, and may have a different personality. Developing these skills at a young age is essential for building the foundation for strong communication and healthy relationships into their middle and high school years—and even into adulthood.

Who To Schedule Play Dates With

If you are wondering who will make the perfect play date, the good news is there are sure to be plenty of children to choose from. This could be a friend with a child who is about the same age, a child they have met a few times when playing at the park, someone from daycare, preschool, or elementary school. It is always helpful if the children have met at least a few times, but if their play date friend is someone new—or a child they do not know well, then plan an activity with a specific goal so that they have a starting place.

A Few Great Play Date Ideas

While you don’t need to invest a large amount of time or money into planning your child’s play date, there should be some thought and preparation. The age of your children will help to determine what play dates will be the most successful. Below are a few great ideas:

An Indoor Play Ground—Indoor playgrounds are excellent for kids of many ages and have a wide range of activities to participate in. They are an excellent way to get kids up and moving while having fun at the same time. They are also an excellent place to play with a new friend your child is still getting to know. Indoor playgrounds are also perfect when the weather outside is too hot or too cold to want to play outdoors.

Arts And Crafts—There are many art and craft projects that can be completed with nothing more than household items, and general art and craft supplies such as crayons, marker, paint, and paper.

Building A Fort—Kids can build a fort indoors or outdoors with little more than sheets and blankets—and if you have them oversized boxes.

Even if your child is still an infant or young toddler there are many benefits of a planned playdate. With a wealth of attractions, interactive learning zones, imagination centers and more, a trip to Kid Junction gives your child the perfect way to play. If you’re planning a playdate, the indoor playground in Northern Virginia provides children with a safer way to play, all while helping them stay both mentally and physically active. Take a trip to Kid Junction today, and give your child the playdate of a lifetime.

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