Stimulating Your Child’s Imagination

It is important to stimulate a child’s imagination as early as possible to build the proper connections in the brain during the critical development stages. As a parent, it is also important to understand that the activities you allow your child to participate in, has a direct impact on their growth and development.  Many activities that occur during play time, which through repetition, stimulates both learning and thinking. Stimulating your child’s imagination early as possible will also develop cognitive skills such as a child ability to memorize, as well as motor skills. For example, a child can play with toys that involve both the coordination of their eyes and their hands, which furthers their development.  This includes toys such as books, building blocks, puzzles and educational toys.  Additionally, toys that provide a wide range of sounds can also increase the stimulation of the child’s mind and imagination.

According to research studies, 25% of a child’s brain is developed in the womb, leaving the remaining 75% to be developed after birth. Most child-related activities (known to the majority of adults as playtime,) are actually growth and development stimulants behind the scenes that are at work. Impacting areas such as alertness, sharpness, the development of motor skills, the ability to socialize and solve problems, and the ability to learn and think. All of these areas are being developed as a child goes through various activities during their playtime, which is very beneficial to the child. (A strong imagination early in life can benefit a child later in life.)

Imaginary Play

According to Psychology Today, imaginary play is considered a valuable activity among researchers and theorist and is considered a vital component to the normal development of a child during their early childhood years. According to researchers, it reflects a child’s social and cognitive development. Additionally pretend play involves children acting out stories within their own minds from a variety of perspectives that taps into different emotions and ideas (further stimulating the imagination.)

Indoor Play Centers

The imagination zones of indoor play centers are the perfect way to help build your child’s imagination.  Indoor playgrounds also allow the child to play with others and explore various activities that stimulate brain activity.

A children’s indoor play place is also an excellent way for children to gain independence by exploring new areas on their own. Additionally, when the child explores new things and thinks on his own, it triggers reactions take place in the brain.

Thought-provoking questions also stimulates the imagination which allows the child to independently think through questions that have been presented.  Games, songs and nursery rhymes also provide images in the child’s mind that expands the mind, causing it to seek out new information

Things You Can Do to Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

The following are some tips for parents with respect to how they can help stimulate their children’s sense of imagination and further their growth and development.

  1. Participate in activities with your child together, such as singing, and reading.  (Particularly books with pictures that further expand the imagination, vocabulary and their ability to identify images.)
  2. Allow your child to play educational games.
  3. Take your child to an indoor play center so they will be exposed to a wide array of activities that stimulate the imagination, growth and thinking.

Children are also very responsive to sounds. Thus associating specific sounds with objects such as cars, animals and various characters also exposes children to new experiences.  Lastly, it is also good to find ways to measure your child’s progress to see which activities are more effective than others.

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