Stimulating Imagination and Creativity In Your Child

Creativity and imagination are extremely important to a child’s development, but it seems like they often get overlooked. So many people focus on keeping their children safe and healthy that they don’t stop to think how children experience the world around them. Yes, they go to school and pay attention in class, but playgrounds and indoor play places for kids can be just as important when it comes to cognitive development. Recess and free time are when children learn to interact with one another. Even when they seem like they’re in their own imaginary world they are still learning valuable social skills and even educating themselves about how the world works.

Experimenting with Life’s Roles

Children experiment with life’s roles as they play and learn. They learn to share, cooperate with one another and follow rules if they are playing a game, and they learn empathy when they pretend to be someone else. They learn to experience life from another perspective, even if it’s from the perspective of someone they just made up. Very young children are naturally egocentric, and this kind of cooperative play is when they begin to learn about other people in the world.

Creativity on the Playground

This may sound strange to some people, but playgrounds are the ideal place to foster creativity in children. To an adult, a piece of playground equipment is nothing more than something to give hyper little children a way to release some pent-up energy. To a child, a playground can be anything from an impenetrable fortress to a cool spaceship.

Some modern playground equipment and indoor play places for kids encourage this more than ever. Children are never told outright what a piece of playground equipment is “supposed” to be though. Coming up with your own interpretation during play is half the fun, and that kind of creativity and imagination should always be encouraged.

Of course, these playgrounds and indoor play places provide plenty of exercise as well. There are some simple playgrounds that are appropriate for very young children, but those that are aimed at older kids require a surprising amount of strength and dexterity. It’s nothing that a child cannot handle, but the simple act of playing on a jungle gym or climbing a rope ladder can help build strong muscles and help children develop coordination.

Problem Solving Skills

Children also learn valuable problem-solving skills when they play alone or with each other. Part of this ties into the idea of experimenting with life’s roles, but children also might bring up some interesting problems when they play make-believe. They aren’t solving society’s ills or anything like that, but they learn the basics of cause and effect and figure out how to find a solution to simple problems.

Education is very important to a child’s development, but so is play. Adults tend to forget how imaginative children can be, and they can learn a lot simply by playing games at home or on the playground. Kids should by all means be encouraged to do well in school, but recess should never be ignored.

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