Is Technology Ruining Kid’s Exercise Opportunities?

There are many advantages to modern technology and electronics, but there are some downsides to consider as well—in this case the decreased level of physical activity. Nowadays children are like to spend a large portion of both their solo play time, and group playtime with friends or siblings—on electronic devices. Even if the technology being utilized promotes learning, kids still need to get out and move and play.

The Balancing Act

It is hard to say no to a child who is excited about playing their new favorite educational app, or reading a book on their notebook. While you do not want to discourage modern technology that focuses on learning, as a parent, you must find a way to balance technology and play time that promotes physical activity. Also consider how you spend time together as a family. Is it primarily spent sitting in front of the TV together, or do you try to plan group outings such as playing at the park, hiking a local nature trail, or riding bikes around the neighborhood?

The Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the Center for Disease Control, child obesity has tripled in the last 30 years. While modern technology is not the only contributing factor, it is definitely a major factor. Instead of finding ways to entertain themselves outdoors after school, on the weekends, or during the summer—children are spending more and more of their time sitting in front of the TV, computer, playing video games, or on their cell phones. This means that as parents, you must actively plan more activities that involve movement—and that your kids will find fun.

Start At a Young Age

One of the keys to success when it comes to keeping your child physically fit is to make physical fitness a priority from a young age. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where the healthy changes you try to make to your child’s schedule become a major adjustment in their routine. By creating time limits for daily electronics at a young age, it will be easier to encourage more movement in your child’s daily routine.

Consider an Indoor Playground

When you were a child, going outside to play was likely a daily activity—and you and your friends could spend hours outdoors. This may make it difficult to understand why your kids find coming up with things to do outdoor hard to do, or why they find playing outdoor boring when compared to playing their favorite video game or chatting with their friends on social media.

This is precisely why many parents are turning to indoor playgrounds to encourage more physical activity. Indoor playgrounds are hard for children to resist, because they can run, play and bounce with great freedom.

It takes work to keep your kids physically active, making indoor playgrounds an excellent addition to your weekly routine. Give your child a chance to play and learn with a trip to Kid Junction today. Located in Chantilly, Va, Kid Junction is the perfect destination for a fun afternoon for you and your child. Whether your child is exploring our larger than life play structures or the interactive learning arcade, the indoor playground at Kid Junction is certain to entertain any child. Give your child a memorable experience and visit Kid Junction today!

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