Tips for Staying Safe on the Playground

As a parent, your biggest concern is the safety of your children. Danger can be around any corner, even places that appear safe and designed for children. Playgrounds are a great place for children to meet new friends, play and exercise. If your children are going to go to a kids play center, a children’s indoor playground or an outdoor or indoor play center of any kind, it is important to teach them to be safe on the playground.


The best way to keep your children safe on the playground is to supervise them. This can often be easier said than done and it’s easy for children to slip away in a split second. By keeping a close eye on your children, you can ensure their safety and catch them before they get into trouble or are hurt. You can also watch for anything dangerous or anyone suspicious.


Educate your children on the type of behavior that is expected of them and that is acceptable from other children and adults. Your child may not be able to recognize if he or she is in a dangerous situation without your help. Let your child know about boundaries and stranger danger. You should also have a plan that tells your child what do in the case of an emergency or if they are lost or scared on the playground.


Before you allow your child to play on a playground of any type, inspect it to make sure it is safe. Look for any unsafe swings or equipment and check the ground and area nearby for any dangerous items such as knives or needles. Make sure the playground is in a safe area that that your children are not too close to a road or body of water. Consider choosing playgrounds that are fenced in or indoors for extra protection.

Dress Them Appropriately

You may not give much thought to what your child is wearing to the playground, but some clothing should not be worn. Shirts or jackets with hoods can get caught on some equipment and choke or hurt your child. Flip flops or shoes with slick bottoms can cause your child to fall easily and get hurt. Always make sure your child’s sneakers are tied to avoid slips and falls as well.

Playground are made for children and you shouldn’t have to worry about your child’s safety while he or she is at the playground. By spending a little time teaching your children about playground safety, you can rest assured that they will have fun and not be in any danger while at the playground.

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