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Tips for Staying Safe on the Playground

As a parent, your biggest concern is the safety of your children. Danger can be around any corner, even places that appear safe and designed for children. Playgrounds are a great place for children to meet new friends, play and exercise. If your children are going to go to a kids play center, a children's indoor playground or an outdoor or indoor play center of any kind, it is important to teach them to be safe on the playground. Supervise The best way to keep your children safe on the playground Read more [...]

How Play Helps Prepare Your Child for School

Few things in life can compare to a happy child playing. Aside from simply being a joy to witness, playtime and imagination are wildly beneficial to children, both mentally and physically.  It goes without saying that all children need ample time to let their creativity (and their legs) run wild, but what's less commonly known is just how much this time for play can benefit a child's education.  With lots of time to play and put their imagination to work, children are preparing themselves for academic Read more [...]

5 Rainy Day Activities to Keep Your Child Entertained All Spring Long

Spring can be a tricky time of year, because some days will be warm enough for kids to play outdoors—while others will be damp and rainy. If you are searching for some creative ways to keep your children entertained during the transition from spring to summer, turn to the five ideas below. Origami While there are a multitude of art and craft projects for kids to turn to, origami is excellent for children who are a bit older—or who are looking for more challenging paper crafts. There are Read more [...]

How Play Helps with Self-Control

Playgrounds gift us adults with the much-deserved relaxation break while children romp on their own. They also play a significant role in encouraging activeness and health. Most importantly, indoor playgrounds serve a vital part in kids' cognitive, emotional, and social development. Children naturally find tremendous meaning in their play, as it provides them with the opportunity to develop a powerful foundation of social skills and self-control. When children are immersing themselves in the world Read more [...]

Keeping Your Child Allergy Free this Spring – Slideshow

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and odds are high that your children are eagerly awaiting their chance to get outdoors! However, warmer weather doesn’t come without its fair share of risks, as spring brings severe seasonal allergies along with it. For children with springtime allergies, playing outside may not always be as fun as it seems. Sniffles, sneezes and scratchy throats can prevent your child from enjoying the warm weather as much as they should. Help your child avoid springtime Read more [...]

Planning a Fun and Safe Children’s Birthday Party

Few things are more fun for kids than a birthday party.  Whether it’s their own party, their best friend's, their sibling's, or even just a random classmate's, kids adore birthday parties.  They're a chance to get together with other kids for uninterrupted fun and games, plus a little sugar for good measure.  However, as the saying goes, it's only fun until someone gets hurt. If you're throwing a birthday party for your kid, it's incredibly important to make sure it's not only fun, but safe; Read more [...]

Infographic | Helping Your Child Avoid the Flu

Avoiding the flu is tough. It becomes even more difficult when they are children involved. Children are much more likely to catch germs and flu-carrying bacteria and are often likely to spread to illness on to you or other family members. However, there are actions you can take that can help you and your child avoid the flu. Don’t let your child fall victim to the horrible feelings of stomach pains, earaches and convulsions, take the necessary steps that can help protect you and your child from Read more [...]

Video | Keeping Your Kids Safe This Winter

Cold weather presents a challenging obstacle for many parents. When the conditions aren’t suited for outdoor play, they are often left with children who become antsy for a taste of fresh air. Winter time doesn’t have to be so stressful for kids, follow our quick and simple precautions and keep your child safe all season long. When it comes to safe play in the winter, your primary objective should be to provide your children with warmth and comfort in the harsh winter weather. Layering clothes Read more [...]

Child’s Play and Self-Control

Children have never been known for their self-control. That kind of discipline is something that comes with age, so young children seem to believe that they can have or do whatever they want. This can of course be a problem, one that parents and teachers struggle to keep under control sometimes. Children do learn self-control, and in most cases they learn it on their own. Yes, lessons from their parents and teachers do help, but like other important lessons and social skills, children learn self-control Read more [...]